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Meet The


Nicole Dias has been in business since 1996 and has served thousands of people including the Head of State. Over the past several years she has done everything from being a personal chef to serving the Microsoft Corporation.  She has recently started a event staffing firm alongside the catering service which  will allow her to expand her business and serve more people with excellence.

Mission Statement


Our goal is to combine creativity, passion and professionalism in everything we do. We specialize in making your vision a reality. We concentrate on serving our customers needs, whatever they may be. The extent of the products and services that we can provide is limited only to your imagination.

The Story


A Taste of Heaven Catering Services cooks with intention, energy and love, venerating the rituals of mealtime as well-orchestrated affairs. We are honored that you have invited us to cook for you — and we believe it is our responsibility to honor you and your guests by making delicious food, and serving it impeccably.

We choose the best seasonal products and prepare them from scratch, using classic techniques and a unique culinary style. No shortcuts, no compromises.

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